Why We Do It

Have you ever looked at a portrait that was hundreds of years old? And as you gazed at that painting did you find yourself asking questions like:

  • I wonder what that person was like
  • I wonder what their hopes, dreams and experiences were
  • I wonder what life was like for them
  • If they could speak to me I wonder what they would have to say

We’ve all done it at some point because the past is important to us. But in days gone by, only the wealthiest of people could afford to have paintings of themselves created and preserved for hundreds of years. For every person that there is a painting – a reminder of – there are tens of thousands of people who have not been immortalized in this way. But that is not the case today. At least it doesn’t have to be.

Modern technology allows each and every one of us to leave behind a record of who and what we are. And, even more exciting, these records are much more compelling and dynamic than anything that was available to past generations. Imagine not only looking at a picture hundreds of years in the future but having the person in that picture actually speak to you! Tell you their life story in vivid detail with photographs, maps, music, whatever makes their story more compelling. Now, imagine if that person was actually a distant descendant of yours, someone who you shared an ancestral bond with! Consider the impact it could have on them.

As remarkable as this prospect sounds, it is actually possible. Anyone of us has, at our fingertips, the means to reach to future generations as far as centuries into the future. And, it’s much easier and affordable than you might think. Let us show you how you can embark on this magical journey into the future.