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At present VivaXtecH provides three core life saving services to our clients in a series of convenient packages. These services are outlined below. Each of these services is provided to people who already have in their possession a completed audio or video biography, a precious  event video or irreplaceable family videos and photographs. If you have not yet completed, or begun to create, your biography be sure to visit our resources page for helpful tips, advice, tools and guidance. Be sure to check back often as these resources are continually being updated.

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LONG TERM PRESERVATION  At the heart of our service is our long term preservation program. We leverage the latest "state-of-the-art" storage technology to preserve some of the most precious items in the world - the life stories and other irreplaceable family memory materials of our clients! For a one time cost you will be able to upload your audio or video biography and other materials to a number of geographically dispersed, online storage facilities where they will be securely held for an indefinite period of time.

These materials will be available to you, your family and your descendants - in a downloadable format - whenever anyone wishes to access it. The majority of the funds collected through the one time cost for this service are placed in an interest bearing trust fund - an investment fund of sorts - and a portion of the annual interest payments are be used to cover the ongoing costs of maintaining your materials in our secure environment in perpetuity.

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DETAILED CATALOGING  This is one of the most important elements of our long term storage program. If you have ever researched your family tree you understand how difficult it can be to locate tiny, tantalizing pieces of information about your ancestors.

Now, just imagine if those same ancestors had left specific information about themselves, their families and previous ancestors along with information designed to help you determine whether this information was relevant to you and your search. And, imagine taking this process a step further by storing this information in a central repository where you could quickly and easily decide whether the information in question applied to you.

This is how our cataloging service is designed to work. By providing information about yourselves, your children, your parents, grandparents and previous ancestors, and matching this to your video biography, you will be making it easier for future generations to locate this biography by matching it to family names and historic information such as places, dates and others.

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PUP UPGRADE PROGRAM  Remember 8mm home movies, super 8mm home movies,VHS video, VHS-C, SVHS, Betamax, Video8, CD Rom, DVDs? If there is one thing we have learned from this never ending progression it is that audio visual formats change . . .and they change. . . and then they change again. 18145vWe know that changes down the road are inevitable and the PUP program is in place to address this certainty.

All the videos we store and maintain must be delivered to us in MPEG-4 Part 14 format (commonly referred to as MP4) And all audio content we store and maintain must be delivered to us in an MP3 format. This consistency is important to our PUP program. The PUP, or "Preemptive Upgrade Protection" program, is an integral element of all our preservation services. As formats change your audio or video biography will be automatically reformatted to the most robust new format available and stored in that format from that point forward.

If the format changes again, another reformat will take place. This process will repeat as many times as necessary. The PUP program is included as part of our core service package. A separate pool of funds, specifically for this purpose, are placed in an interest bearing trust fund, the interest from which is solely dedicated to covering the costs of reformatting your audio or video biography. By using the interest from this fund only, and leaving the principal intact, it will be possible to reformat your personal record as many times as necessary at no additional cost to you, your family or your descendants.

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