Useful Resources

The resources listed below may be helpful to you if you are interested in telling your life story either in words, video or audio recordings. Be certain to read our disclaimer before accessing any of these resources.

Video Biography Resources

Shoot Like a Pro Series – Interview Basics

How to Shoot Interviews – Making Better Films Series 

How to Shoot an Interview

Five Places To Find Freelance Videographers

For a decent 15 point overview on shooting and editing a video click here. Though this presentation is directed toward the production of marketing videos the techniques and insights translate well for producing a personal video biography.

If looking for a freelance video producer in your area click here. Then select “Hire Freelancers”.

How To Tell Your Life Story Resources

10 Ways To Tell Your Life Story

Interesting WikiHow article on how to tell your life story.

The First 3 Steps To Writing Your Life Story

Why Your Life Story Matters and Why You Need to Tell It Now

7 Tips For Telling Your Life Story

Fun Ways to Write a Life Story by Joyce Whiting This video gives creative ways to write a life story for yourself or others. 

How To Make A Family Legacy Documentary

Other Resources

How to Find Your Long Lost Friends

If you know of a resource that could enhance this section please tell us about it.

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