How Many Future Descendants Could You Reach?

Photo by mauro mora

While you might think that creating an audio or video biography, or preserving your event video through VivaXtecH, wouldn’t have much of an impact on future generations the charts below will prove otherwise.

The scenario presented here assumes that you and a partner have 2 children who each have 2 children, who each have 2 children, etc. It also assumes that the length of a generation is 25.5 years.

The graph below shows how you could potentially have over 131,00 descendants 400 years from now.

What you might find even more remarkable is that, according to the next chart, in less than 500 years you could potentially reach more than 1 million direct descendants! And with each future generation from that point the numbers get incredibly large. Take a look and see for yourself.

How Can You Reach So Many Direct Descendants?

There’s no way to guarantee that you will reach the exact number of  descendants presented in this chart. However utilizing the VivaXtecH Chain of Succession protocol and our exclusive PUP program you stand a good chance of reaching out to many, many future descendants.

Learn more about how we can help you reach out to your future descendants here

And isn’t it exciting to think that you could have a direct impact on even a portion of those people? If you would like to learn more, we invite you to explore the many services we have to offer here at VivaXtecH. And, we’re always a quick email message away if we can do anything to help you pursue this most worthwhile undertaking.

“The written word is the only anchor we have in life. How extraordinary would it be if we had even three or four paragraphs written honestly about their lives by our ancestors?”

-Randy Wayne White

How extraordinary would it be for thousands and thousands of your direct descendants to have an audio or video recording honestly relating your life? The power to leave such a gift to the future now rests entirely in your hands.