Freelancer Resources

On this page we will be providing resources of use to Freelancers who want to incorporate or use VivaXtech services. This list will be updated from time to time so be sure to check back.

Client Catalog Templates

Your clients can access VivaXtecH services in two different ways. You may choose to produce an audio or video biography or an event video and deliver this to your client so that they can upload it themselves. In this case they will need to purchase the service directly from VivaxTecH.

The second option is that you choose to build the pricing of VivaXtecH services into your own product offerings. In this case you will purchase services from VivaXtecH on your client’s behalf, upload them to our storage platform and complete the relevant cataloging form.  Below, you will be able to download documents detailing the information you will need to acquire from your clients in order to complete the cataloging form.

Be aware that these two forms are different. One is specifically for biography packages whether audio, video or PDF. The other for Event videos only. Ensure that you collect the information relevant to the type of file you are uploading. All fields marked with * are required fields.

Download “Personal Biography” catalog template.

Download “Event Video” catalog template.