Most video formats such as .AVI and .MOV are proprietary. In other words, they are platform dependent and will work best or only work on specific platforms such as Windows or Apple. The .MP4 format works across all platforms and all operating systems such as Windows. Apple OS, Linux, Android and others. This means that the video format is universally accessible.

For a more detailed explanation of video formats click here. (Opens in new window.)

We only allow the uploading and preservation of files in PDF format in order to protect you, our clients. PDF files are secure and, in most instances, they are not editable. This means that it will be virtually impossible for any third party to alter the information you preserve with Vivaxtech. To learn more about securing the information in a PDF document click here. (This link to the official Adobe website will open in a new window.)

If a file is uploaded to our storage platform with spaces, the original file name will be cut off at the first space. While this does not create significant problems (unique identification elements such as time and date are added to all files at the time of upload so that files can still be cataloged) it could, however, make manual searches for files, if this ever becomes necessary, more difficult.

The PUP or “Preemptive Upgrade Protection” program is an integral element of all our long term, preservation services. When the format your material is currently preserved in begins the inevitable journey toward obsolescence, VivaXtecH automatically converts your materials to the latest and greatest audio or video format. What’s more, this process will be repeated over and over again each and every time there is a format change. And the BEST part of all this is that these periodic upgrades will not cost you or your descendants a cent. It’s like having access to a chain of succession that’s on autopilot with no ongoing costs.

In the VivaXtecH world of services, “Chain of Succession” means the transfer of  ongoing stewardship for the preservation of materials in the company’s care. In other words, though employees may come and go the company will continue in its duty to preserve the irreplaceable records of our clients. Royal families and the President of The United States of America govern according to a line of succession. The problem with such a system is that, as has happened throughout history, one line may be replaced or supplanted by another, or it may just run out. So such a model of succession then changes. A chain is unbreakable so this type of succession may be thought of as constant and permanent. And that is why the protocol that VivaXtecH uses is chain of succession rather than line of succession.

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